Why your company/brand needs Custom Christmas Sweaters

During the last 10 years, Christmas Sweaters has become more and more popular all over North-America, Australia and Europe. We have put together a blog post where we take a closer look at the number of searches related to Christmas Sweaters – check it out here!

When Christmas is near, you can find Christmas Sweaters in stores everywhere. But usually the designs are pretty “safe” and the sweaters are not fitted with lights or LED-panels – and you cant buy a sweater with your own logo in stores!

Custom Christmas Sweaters are perfect for brands and companies. They create a lot of buzz, and are perfect for pr campaigns, marketing campaigns, product launches, colleges, large events, corporate gifts, giveaways in social media etc.

We make the design from scratch, so it is 100% unique and original, and there is almost no limits to what our designers can come up with!

We have been making custom Christmas Sweaters since 2016, and this is what we do. We dont make socks, t-shirts or christmas suits. Knitted Christmas Sweaters is all we do, and we are really good at it! Even though we haven’t been around for more than a couple of years, we have allready worked with large brands like Burger King. We also run the largest Christmas Sweater webshops in Norway and Sweden, and in 2018 we will expand to even more countries!

The process

Ordering a custom Christmas Sweater is easier than you might think. Contact us, and tell us what you are looking for. We will send you some ideas and pricing, and as soon as you confirm everyting we will start working on the sweater design. Once you have confirmed that you like the design, we will produce a sample sweater for you. And as soon as you confirm the sample sweater, we will start bulk production. When the sweaters are finished and packed, they will be sent to your adress. The whole process can be done in as little as 6 weeks, depending on how many adjustments we have to do on the design.

Order quantity

We take orders from 100 pieces to 10 000+ pieces. The factory we use can knit 20 000 sweaters per month.


The price of your order depends on quantity and if you want to sew on things like bells and ribbons or LED-lights. For a regular sized order (500 pcs), the price usually starts at around 30€ per sweater. We take care of the design! Please contact us today for details!

You can read more about our sweaters and our company here.