Our Sweaters

We have specialized in making Christmas Sweaters, both custom designed sweaters and sweaters for wholesale, since 2016. We are extremely proud of our product and we are 100% sure that you will enjoy our sweaters as much as we do!

One of our popular designs – with 12 blinking LED-lights


All our sweaters are made in a 100% premium acrylic blend. This gives a soft and non-itchy result. The yarn can be dyed in all Pantone colours available.

If you prefer cotton or wool, we can do that as well, but acrylic is both cheap, durable and comfortable.

Knitting Techniques

All our Christmas Sweaters are machine knitted, and the detail level is impressive. We can offer everything from 12gg to 7gg. Unless our customers want something else, we usually knit 12gg sweaters, to make sure we can make the sweaters as detailed as we want.

Thanks to our knitting technique, the detail level is impressive.


We can offer all kinds of customizations at our sweaters, like pockets for your cell phone, LED-panels, LED-lights, bells, ribbons, small gifts sewn on.

With a see through pocket and a cell phone, this fireplace sweater is LIT!

Bells, pom-poms, ribbons, LED-lights – we can do it all!

About us

Jolly AS was founded in 2016. We started out selling our own sweaters in our B2C webshops, but after being contacted by several companies that wanted custom sweaters, we decided to start focusing more on the B2B market, both custom designs, retail and wholesale.